Our Process

Our Process

A strategic approach to growing your brand.

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We begin each project by simply listening. Through Q & A sessions and stakeholder interviews, we document vital information that will help our team gain an understanding of your industry. This includes target audience, sales model, desired cost per customer and business objectives.

Next, we commence a phase of research, including a competitor analysis and evaluation of your current digital presence. These findings are critical in order to gain understanding of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities within your niche.


Planning is where the Discovery process evolves into a “blue print” for your website build. This phase includes creation of a sitemap, wireframes, user flow analysis and content recommendations. At this stage, we also consider Content Management platforms and requirements for development technology.

Even simple websites require upfront thought to ensure site architecture facilitates ease of navigation, clear user pathways and conversion funnels. Proper planning is essential for ensuring your site generates engagement and converts traffic into leads.

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Design & Development - FUZE Miami

Design & Build

Next, we focus on creative design and technical execution. During these phases, your site will transform from black and white wireframes into a fully functioning prototype on a staging server. At this point, we train you on your content management system, upload content and perform quality assurance testing.

Finally, we migrate your website to its host server for live launch. In the days after going live, we closely monitor site speed and performance and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, we ensure all analytics tracking systems are in place.


Now it’s time to measure our success. Through careful analysis using the industry standard analytics reporting tools, we monitor key metrics that indicate how users are behaving on your website or application.

Analysis of data like conversions rates, new vs. repeat visitors, bounce rates and time on site will help us monitor and improve performance over time. Additionally, conversion optimization techniques such as A-B testing of pages and features help to quickly determine what is working, and what isn’t.

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