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Search Engine Optimization Services.


SEO is the process of increasing organic traffic by improving rankings for relevant queries on major search engines.

Search engines are constantly changing the way they rank web pages, which makes it as important as ever to develop a tactical strategy that ensures best practices are followed. The days of keyword stuffing and getting links from spammy directories are over. In 2013, a successful SEO campaign requires creation of compelling content that is relevant and socially engaging, as well as a properly optimized website to receive and convert traffic.

Our search engine optimization services are performed by experienced marketing specialists who deploy campaigns tailored for each client. We services are “white hat” and rooted in an ethical desire to help clients achieve long-term success. We do not employ gimmicks or quick fixes, and abide by industry standards as set forth by Google and other major search engines.

Our SEO Philosophy

Each of our campaigns begins with the creation of a strategy, or roadmap, that establishes goals and outlines a monthly plan for achieving them. Each client and/or industry requires a unique approach and there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

During the strategy phase, we analyze and synthesize data related to your business, sales model, competitive landscape and target audience. We also perform keyword research and generate content and link building strategies that fully integrate with other marketing channels being utilized, such as Social Media Marketing.

Our Search Engine Optimization Process

Strategy Phase

– Business Analysis
– User Personas
– Keyword Research
– Competitor Analysis
– Content Strategy
– Link Building Strategy
– Onsite Optimization Strategy

Website Planning Phase

– Onsite optimization
– Content Creation
– Link Building
– Analytics Analysis & Reporting
– Testing & Conversion Rate Optimization

Commonly Asked Questons

How Soon Will I See Results?

This is one of the most common and most difficult questions to answer. In short, it takes approximately 4-6 months of continuous effort to begin seeing meaningful keyword movement and increases in traffic. Google and other major search engines use dozens of indicators to determine how to rank web pages.

Key ranking factors include things like domain age, website structure, proper optimization of on-page elements like title tags, headings and body copy, social media signals and inbound links pointing to your domain.

In order to reap the ultimate reward from SEO, all of the above factors must be continually monitored and improved. Search algorithms used to determine SERP placements are constantly evolving, which means the job of a marketer is never finished.

Can I afford SEO?

SEO must be viewed as a long term business investment. It takes a lot of calculated effort to make a site rank highly for competitive keywords; however, once the desirable rankings take hold and qualified traffic is flooding your site, monthly expenditure can be reduced and your campaign can go into maintenance mode.

The true benefits of search engine optimization will not be fully realized until year two or even three. It can take a full year of monthly activity to generate enough momentum to see Page 1 results, but once your results take hold you’ll require less effort to keep them in place. This means your monthly budget can be reduced and reallocated elsewhere. Our end goal is to increase return on investment by driving highly qualified traffic that you can convert into customers.