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Email Marketing Services.


Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of re-engaging your current audience and generating repeat sales. Customers who have already given you their email address are familiar with your brand and have shown indicators of trust. This creates a high probability that they will react positively to remarketing efforts.

Email is the perfect medium for keeping customers up to date on information like discounts, promotions, contests and news. Also, the most popular email platforms include powerful tracking tools that monitor important metrics such as open, clickthrough and conversion rates.

Our Email Marketing Philosophy

Once a customer has given you their business, you should not be satisfied with a one-off sale. We help clients deliver impactful messages that improve conversion rates and increase lifetime customer value. Many companies spend a lot of money to land a new customer, but do not focus on retaining them for the long term.

We harness the power of industry leading email platforms, to provide clients with incredibly versatile and robust email campaigns. From list generation to monthly mailings, we provide end-to-end services that get results.

Our Email Marketing Process

We start by analyzing your business, sales approach, target audience, competitive landscape and opportunities. We then devise a plan for generating and segmenting a mailing list, and designing custom templates that include images and copy aimed to trigger engagement.

Strategy Phase

– Business Analysis
– Goal Analysis
– Competitive Research
– List Generation & Segmentation
– Mail Delivery Strategy
– Template Design

Campaign Execution

– Delivery of Monthly Mailings
– A-B Testing of Alternative Templates
– Analytics Tracking
– Monthly Reporting

Email Marketing Facts

The below statistics prove that email campaigns are incredibly efficient ways to retain customers. These stats relate to campaigns run by legitimate businesses who have remarketed existing customers. Campaigns that target purchased lists or that could be classified as spam have extremely low success rates.

1. On average, email campaigns generate over $44.00 for each dollar spent.

2. 44% of consumers made at least one purchase from a promotional email last year.

3. 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing corespondence via email.

4. 82% of consumers open emails sent by companies.

5. Nearly 50% of an email list will result in opens or clicks.