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Mobile App Development Services.


Mobile application design and development is a fun and challenging experience for everyone involved. With over 1-million apps currently available in the Apple App Store alone, competition has never been higher. Building a market-ready App requires careful planning and technical execution, as well as a creative marketing strategy.

We provide end-to-end solutions for client’s seeking to plan, develop and launch a native mobile application for iOS or Android. We offer comprehensive services that include upfront research and planning, creative design and development, and marketing campaigns.

Our Mobile App Development Process

Creating a viable app is much like inventing a new product and taking it to market. The concept must be captivating and unique enough to build early momentum, and the end product must be cleverly marketed to its target audience.

Strategy Phase

– Business & goal analysis
– Competitive research
– App Planning & User Experience Design

Design & Development Phase

– Creative Design
– App Development

Pre-Launch Phase

– Pre-launch marketing
– Beta Testing
– App submission (to Apple or Android stores)
– App approval and launch
– Post launch marketing

When do you need a mobile application?

Mobile applications, or native apps, typically perform proprietary functions that require tapping into the operating system of a given device, geolocation detection or offline access to content. Great examples are Instagram (accesses a mobile phone’s built-in camera), Yelp (delivers content based on your location) and Spotify (users can save music and listen without being connected to the internet). Neither of these amazing apps would work as a web application (e.g. a website designed for mobile).

Here are three questions to ask when considering whether you need a stand-alone mobile application.

Will users benefit from 24/7 access to your content?

If yes, then a mobile app may be the way to go. Examples content delivery apps are Facebook, the NYTimes, Spotify and any RSS reader.

Will users require offline access to your content?

Will users benefit greatly from offline access to your content? If yes, then a mobile app may be the right choice. Mobile apps can be accessed when users are not connected to a cell network or Wifi, which facilitates enhanced convenience and maximum value for users.

Is your app a game or utility?

Games like Angry Birds and Candy Crush and utilities such as voice recorders and photo editors can only be developed as mobile apps.

When do you need a Web Application?

A web application is essentially a mobile version of a desktop website and requires an internet connection in order to function. Web apps are connected to their desktop counterparts and are hosted on subdomains (e.g. m.yourdomain.com).