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Website Maintenance Services.


A Website Design project does not end at live launch. Websites are dynamic entities that require continual monitoring to ensure optimal performance. Our Website Maintenance plans give clients peace of mind that their sites are safe, secure and fully functioning at all times.

Our post-launch support services range from server backups and browser optimization to page load testing and advanced security options. Building a website requires a commitment of both money and time, and it’s important to protect what you’ve invested so much effort into.

Our Website Maintenance Services

Browser Optimization

Search engines and users place more trust in sites that are technically sound and free from major bugs and glitches. It’s critical to update your site to correspond with new browser releases, to ensure that the front-end user interface is functioning as expected.

Version Update Support For Content Management Systems

Anyone who has worked with open source CMS platforms like WordPress, knows that extreme care should be given to updating to new version releases. Often, new versions require updates to the code to ensure site functionality does not break.

Page Load Testing & Optimization

Slow websites are conversion killers. They do not rank well in major search engines and result in high bounce rates. Our website performance optimization techniques include gzip compression, browser caching, minification of javascript, image optimization and other tactics known to boost site speed.

Security Optimization

Site security is a major concern for businesses who use their websites to conduct monetary transactions or store password protected information. We employ industry standard security tactics to safeguard your website from hackers, spam and known malware attacks.

General Site Updates

We know that, like the internet, businesses are also continually evolving. We help growing companies keep their websites up to date by performing monthly content updates, as well as larger updates such as integration of new features and functionality.