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Website Optimization Services.


The two most important success factors for any website are driving and converting traffic. However, websites that are not properly optimized are not able to rank highly enough to generate substantial traffic, or convert visitors into customers. Before spending money on online marketing efforts, it’s important to ensure your site is structured properly and prepared to receive visitors.

We specialize optimizing websites for peak SEO performance and high conversions rates. This means ensuring a technically sound back-end that complies with Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines and industry best practices, and a user-friendly front-end that facilitates high conversion rates.

Our Website Optimization Philosophy

While it’s exciting to dive into marketing campaigns that send fresh leads to your website, your time and budget will be wasted without first taking the necessary steps to ensure your site is technically and functionality sound.

SEO Optimization

As experts on Google’s search algorithm and factors for ranking websites, we understand what your site needs to be viewed as trustworthy in the eyes of search engines. Our marketing experts are able to quickly audit any website, and provide a detailed list of what needs to be added to comply with industry standards for search engine optimization.

The most common scenario is an existing website that does not have proper title tags, meta descriptions, site structure or on-page optimization (headings, subheadings, body copy, keyword density). These items are vital for allowing search engines to find your pages when users perform relevant queries.

Conversion Optimization

Once a user lands on your site, you have just seconds to capture their attention. Once you have their attention, it’s essential that they are able to find what they need quickly. If you confuse them or they become lost in a maze of disorganized content, you will lose the sale and the customer.

Often, small details or visual cues have tremendous impacts on conversion rates. Clear messaging, calls-to-action and iconography are examples of design elements that can be used to show a user where you’d like them to go. Multivariate testing can determine whether a green or blue button generates more clicks, or “Request a Quote” performs better than “Request a Consultation”, for example.

Our Website Optimization Process

SEO and Conversion Optimization go hand in hand. A properly structured website will please both search engines and users alike, which leads to generating and converting traffic.

SEO Optimization

– Information architecture (sitemap, page layouts, page hierarchy, page depth, interlinking, navigation)
– Technical optimization (title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text)
– On-page optimization (headings, body copy, keyword density)

Conversion Optimization

– Implementation of clear user pathways, clear messaging, call to action and visual indicators
– A-B Testing of messaging, calls-to-action, visual elements (buttons, icons)