Branding & Web Design for an Israel-based tech startup.

Bkonect offers Salesforce solutions for SaaS companies looking to streamline their processes, gain more visibility into their pipeline and increase revenue.

The challenge

We worked closely with Bkonect’s team, which is located in Miami Beach and Tel Aviv, Israel. The Fuze team collaborated on a re-brand and site re-design that aims to convey the tremendous value Bkonect provides to their customers and showcase their personality as a unique tech startup for a niche market.

Custom Website Development
+ Custom Website Design


+ Mobile Responsive Design
+ On-Site SEO Optimization

View Live: www.bkonect.com

Miami Web Design Agency

“Bkonect presented an opportunity to work with a vibrant tech startup based in another country, which was exiting and challenging.”

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE