Bratter PA

Website redesign for the top Immigration Law Firm in the United States.

Bratter PA has over 20 years experience in immigration law and represents over 20,000 world-renowned athletes, entertainers, musicians, artists and entrepreneurs.

The challenge

Bratter PA hired FUZE to design a new website that represented their unique Miami-centric office culture and tells the story of a law firm that doesn’t necessarily act, look or feel like one.

For this project the biggest challenge was the most exciting opportunity. Bratter is not the run of the mill law firm. Their office is white, bold and adorned with colorful artwork. Their South Beach location is hip and fun, and a pleasant departure from their peers who remain uber corporate and stodgy.

Our designers were challenged with creating a website that is fun, fresh and highlights what sets Bratter apart, while remaining tactful, professional and in line with what clients expect from a law office.

Custom Website Development
+ Custom Creative Design

+ Responsive Web Design
+ On-Site SEO

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Law Firm Web Design Miami - FUZE
Law Firm Website Design - FUZE

“The Bratter team knew exactly what they wanted, which made this project a lot of fun to work on. They wanted to step outside the box and go against the grain. We’re big fans of disruption, so this was music to our ears!”

– Allen Greer
Co-Founder, FUZE