Made in Miami

Made in Miami Logo by FUZE Miami

Helping a local organization build a brand dedicated to celebrating Miami’s flourishing tech industry.

Made in Miami is an organization dedicated to promoting South Florida’s booming tech scene, and connecting and educating those who are making it happen. Fuze was tapped to brand the company and build its initial online presence, including a website and social media channels.

Made in Miami Website Design by FUZE Miami

What We Did

Fuze worked hand-in-hand with the founders of Made in Miami to develop a visual aesthetic and mission statement that appeals to its target audience of local entrepreneurs and startups. We then built a responsive website and ran a multi-channel brand awareness campaign to drive engagement and interest. 

Brand Strategy
+ Business Plan Consultation
Marketing Strategy

+ Brand Identity
+ Website Design
+ Marketing Campaign Execution

“We wanted to work with a company that recently launched in Miami and is experiencing the very success we are trying to promote.  Fuze is a great representation of the talent coming out of South Florida, and we are honored to have them on our team.”

– Carlos R., Made in Miami Founder