Sight Supply

Custom Website Development for a revolutionary new Contact Lens Subscription service.

Sight Supply’s online vision exam and subscription model are changing the way people buy contact lenses. Prescriptions are reviewed and fulfilled online by a network of verified doctors, and customers receive their lenses by mail each month.

The challenge

Sight Supply, a young startup based in Miami, Florida, approached FUZE with a business plan and a vision for a website that will significantly change the face of the eye health industry. Requirements included integration with an API for administering online vision tests and dispensing digital prescriptions and building an ecommerce platform that facilitates selling their monthly contact lens subscription service.

We integrated their back-end with a fulfillment warehouse for order processing, and a CRM for managing customers. The project required a deep understanding of the client’s business model and the technologies requirements to pull it all together. Additionally, FUZE developed a pre-launch landing page that encouraged pre-registration and social sharing to earn free shipping. Paid advertising efforts drove over 1,000 sign-ups in less than 30 days. 

Custom WordPress Development
+ Custom Creative Design
+ Warehouse API Integration

+ Subscription Platform Development
+ Online Vision Test API Integration
+ CRM API Integration

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“We love working with start-ups, and Sight Supply is one of the coolest projects we’ve been involved in. Great mission, amazing product and killer web experience that will revolutionize the eye health industry.”

– Allen Greer, FUZE