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Website Design For a Pioneer in the World of Medicine.

The Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute at the University of Miami was established to capitalize on pioneering work in the use of adult stem cells for the repair of malfunctioning human organs. The goal of the Institute is to find new treatments for heart disease, neurological disease, bone disease, diabetes, cancer, eye diseases and other chronic, debilitating, or incurable diseases.

The challenge

ISCI contacted FUZE after receiving grant money dedicated to revamping their digital presence. Their goal was to develop a stand-alone website outside of the UM ecosystem, to give them a unique place to highlight their mission, values, work, research, staff and clinical trials.

Custom Website Development
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Medical Web Design Miami - FUZE
Medical Website Design - FUZE

“Working with an institution that is truly transforming the world of medicine  was an amazing experience!

– Allen Greer, FUZE