Stone Crab Outlet

Building an Online Delivery Platform for a Leader in Florida Stone Crabs

Stone Crab Outlet is a family-owned business located in the Florida Keys. For decades they have provided the biggest and freshest stone crabs at unbeatable prices.

The challenge

Stone Crab Outlet asked FUZE to design and develop a brand new online delivery platform that allows customers to schedule local pickup, local delivery and national delivery anywhere in the US. The website features a meal builder where customers can choose their size and quantity of stone crabs and add sides like keylime pie and sauces.

The site is dynamically integrated with UPS and the admin panel includes a daily delivery schedule and calendar that helps to automate the shipping process.

Creative Design
+ WooCommerce Development
+ UPS Integration for real-time rates

+ Local Pickup + Delivery Feature
+ Email Marketing Platform Integration

“Stone Crab Outlet is a new concept by people with generations of experience in seafood. We thoroughly enjoyed helping this family-owned company create a brand that is quickly becoming a fan favorite.”

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE