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Happy Wines

Launching an Online Wine Marketplace for an Established Brick & Mortar Retailer

Happy Wines is a family-owned wine shop and restaurant in the Coconut Grove neighborhood in Miami, Florida. With over 2,000 wines in stock, they offer a diverse selection of varietals from around the world.

The challenge

Happy Wines asked FUZE to design and develop their first ever Ecommerce store for selling their extensive wine collection to wine lovers around the US. The project included a robust integration with their existing Inventory Management Software for tracking in-store vs. online transactions. 

Creative Design
+ WooCommerce Development

+ Shopventory Integration for Inventory
+ Email Marketing Platform Integration


“We absolutely love working with local retailers who understand the value and potential of taking their brick and mortar businesses online. The Happy Wines team understands how Ecommerce can, and will, transform their business, and working with them was an exciting experience.”

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE

Stone Crab Outlet

Building an Online Delivery Platform for a Leader in Florida Stone Crabs

Stone Crab Outlet is a family-owned business located in the Florida Keys. For decades they have provided the biggest and freshest stone crabs at unbeatable prices.

The challenge

Stone Crab Outlet asked FUZE to design and develop a brand new online delivery platform that allows customers to schedule local pickup, local delivery and national delivery anywhere in the US. The website features a meal builder where customers can choose their size and quantity of stone crabs and add sides like keylime pie and sauces.

The site is dynamically integrated with UPS and the admin panel includes a daily delivery schedule and calendar that helps to automate the shipping process.

Creative Design
+ WooCommerce Development
+ UPS Integration for real-time rates

+ Local Pickup + Delivery Feature
+ Email Marketing Platform Integration

“Stone Crab Outlet is a new concept by people with generations of experience in seafood. We thoroughly enjoyed helping this family-owned company create a brand that is quickly becoming a fan favorite.”

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE

Luxe Get Up

Custom WordPress WooCommerce website for a second hand luxury goods brand.

LuxeGetUp is a Miami based company that specializes in selling second-hand luxury items such as hand bags, sunglasses and accessories.

The challenge

LuxeGetUp asked FUZE to re-platform their website from Wix to WooCommerce. In the process we provided a full re-design and added features that allow customers to submit items for sale to the client.

WordPress WooCommerce Setup
+ Custom Website Development


+ Website Design
+ SEO Optimization

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“LuxeGetUp came to us with a fully baked plan for scaling their online business and it was a pleasure helping them take the leap.”

Allen Greer – Founder, FUZE

DropIt Delivery

Building an online delivery platform for the Instacart of Bermuda.

DropIt was the island of Bermuda’s first online grocery delivery service.  The company partnered with Lindo’s, the largest grocery chain on the island,  to delivery food to customer’s homes and businesses.

The challenge

DropIt presented FUZE with one of the biggest but most exciting challenges in our company’s history. We had the opportunity to create a site that functions very much like Instacart and allows customers to shop for groceries online and have them delivered to their homes or businesses. The site also has a separate section for visitors to schedule local deliveries, meaning they can have anything that fits in a passenger car delivered to or from any location on the island.

While the front end of the website is quite simple, the real magic happens behind the scenes. Our dev ops team programmed a custom portal that allows Drivers and Shoppers to review, edit and approve orders. The platform also integrates with an API called GetSwift to track each driver’s pending and completed deliveries. Lastly, we created a full reporting dashboard where the client has a comprehensive view of daily orders, profits, fees to be paid to drivers and shoppers and much more.

The most exciting part of this effort was that during the Covid-19 pandemic, DropIt was the only business on the island of Bermuda permitted to make deliveries. With all restaurants and smaller markets closed, DropIt proudly fed thousands of people during the worst days of the crisis. This unexpected level of early high usage forced us to react rapidly to an ever-changed set of client needs, to ensure they could continue operating at full capacity to meet demand.

Custom Woo Commerce Development
+ Custom Creative Design


+ CRM Portal Development
+ Operational Automation Platform Development

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Website Design Miami - FUZE

“Working with DropIt has been a truly incredibly learning and growing experience. The onslaught of Covid-19 forced the project to be pushed forward at breakneck speed. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of a project that helped thousands of people in need. This is why we do what we do. “

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE

CBT College

Website Redesign for one of Miami’s Top 100 Hispanic Businesses.

CBT College is a higher education and premier Technical School based in Miami, Florida. CBT operates Three campuses conveniently located in the Greater Miami Area. Their mission is to prepare and graduate students with the highest ethical, technical, and professional excellence.

The challenge

CBT asked FUZE to provide a complete ground-up overhaul to their outdated website. Goals for the redesign were to provide a modern look and feel that allows prospective students to learn about programs offered, schedule campus tours, apply online and much more. 

Custom WebsiteDevelopment
+ Custom Website Design


+ Mobile Responsive Design
+ CRM Integration


Web Design Agency Miami - FUZE
WordPress Web Designer Miami - FUZE

“For over three decades CBT has been a launchpad for thousands of people’s careers, and we’re excited to be part of their mission to continue that tradition through digital mediums.”

– Allen Greer
Founder, FUZE