Screen Media Films

Rio I Love You

Building a socially-driven mobile application that creates conversation and community to promote the movie, Rio I Love You.

Rio, I Love You  is the third episode of the “Cities of Love” franchise from NYC’s Screen Media Films.  FUZE was asked to develop a mobile application  for the movie that echoes the films objectives of bridging gaps between cultures and celebrating universal expressions of love.

Rio I Love You Mobile App Design

What We did

FUZE collaborated with the team at Screen Media Films to conceptualize a mobile-focused web app that allows users to upload a photo, add a text overlay and download or share the image on Social Media. 

Technology used includes HTML5 and Node.JS.

Mobile App Design
+ UX/UI Design
+ Mobile App Development

+ Node.JS
+ Facebook & Twitter API

“Rio, I Love You is a great example of technology bringing people together for a good cause. How could you not enjoy working on a project that is all about love? ”

– Allen Greer, FUZE