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Creating iOS & Android Apps for personalized news and social updates.

PubPost is a startup technology company poised to disrupt the way mobile users consume news and social feeds. FUZE was asked to build mobile apps driven by a bespoke API for fetching, parsing and delivering content that adheres to the wants and needs of each user.

Mobile App Design - FUZE

What We Did

The PubPost project gave the FUZE team an opportunity to do what we do best: collaborate on a full-scale end-to-end effort that required everything from upfront brand strategy to user experience design to technical execution.

The process started with logo and brand design, followed by creation of UX-UI wireframes and technical specifications for the database architecture and API development.

Since PubPost is a startup and wanted to launch quickly, we opted for a “hybrid” mobile application, built on HTML5, which can be compiled for both iOS and Android. This allowed for rapid prototyping and development, as well as dramatic costs savings.

Logo & Brand Design
+ UX-UI Planning
+ Database Architecture

+ App Design
+ Custom API Development
+ Ionic Framework Development

Coming Soon to App Store and Google Play.

Brand Design

Our first challenge was uncovering the appropriate typography and color scheme to represent PubPost. Our graphic designer then created a logo and app icon that convey the personality behind the brand.

PupPost Logo Design

UX-UI Design

Our information architect worked closely with the creative and development teams to produce wireframes and user flows that tie the overarching experience together, without losing site of business and technical requirements.

PubPost Mobile App Design

App Development

Using the the Ionic HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework, Angular JS and Mongo DB, we architected a powerful code base that can be compiled for both iOS and Android. This allowed for a single development phase, instead of two separate projects for native iOS and Android app.s

“PubPost is the type of project we live for. It required experts from multiple disciplines working together to achieve common goals and solve problems, while maintaining hands-on collaboration with the client.”

– Allen Greer, Head of Digital Strategy

Screen Media Films

Rio I Love You

Building a socially-driven mobile application that creates conversation and community to promote the movie, Rio I Love You.

Rio, I Love You  is the third episode of the “Cities of Love” franchise from NYC’s Screen Media Films.  FUZE was asked to develop a mobile application  for the movie that echoes the films objectives of bridging gaps between cultures and celebrating universal expressions of love.

Rio I Love You Mobile App Design

What We did

FUZE collaborated with the team at Screen Media Films to conceptualize a mobile-focused web app that allows users to upload a photo, add a text overlay and download or share the image on Social Media. 

Technology used includes HTML5 and Node.JS.

Mobile App Design
+ UX/UI Design
+ Mobile App Development

+ Node.JS
+ Facebook & Twitter API

“Rio, I Love You is a great example of technology bringing people together for a good cause. How could you not enjoy working on a project that is all about love? ”

– Allen Greer, FUZE